Brainfood works. Solid development studio with great design
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Not a vitamin company however we provide supplements for online nourishment. Brainfood works.

light and lean – A business doesn’t need to be big to get things done, we should know because we do it every day. Brainfood  grows with you as needed, instead of stuffing it into your budget. This allows us to conform to the budget you can work in whether it is large or small.

Right tool right job – Brainfood works with free software and we have lived and breathed it on a daily basis since 1993. With free software comes solid savings that proprietary software can’t offer. Most of our entire projects cost less than the yearly licensing fees of comparable proprietary software.

Making it work for you – We come up with ideas that truly work, and deliver results that reduce your business overhead instead of piling it on. From whipping out fresh hot designs to grilling up tantilizing technology ideas we here at Brainfood would love to cook up a solution that is specific for your needs.

Keeping it Simple – We can save you the frustration that you don’t have the time to deal with while managing your business online. Our goal is to serve as not only a developer but also as a guide…someone that is there to make it simple and even fun to get your ideas out!

Edit Friendly – Brainfood works out solutions to allow you to control the content you want on your site without spending an arm and a leg on updates and changes. The goal for us is mutually beneficial. Brainfood makes solutions that allow you to control and update your site so that you can then spend your money on new development with us and not on data entry.

The Brainfood name originally came from a zine that we produced in high school.

How Brainfood works

Learn. Rethink. Concept. Design. Build. How we put it together.

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    Effective project management

    Our team maintains regular communication with you the client and internally. Our work plan outlines a number of communication tools that will facilitate on-going and frequent interactions, effective documentation and deliberative yet efficient decision making.

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    Feature driven development

    Our focus is first and foremost to build solutions that solve your specific problems by responding directly to your needs. Source code development is driven directly from the features during the development processes. Each development cycle selects a group of features and commits to the source code that ties back to tickets in the team's issue tracker.

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    Clearly Specified UI

    In order to ensure that the behavior of functionality, a complete set of functional “mock-ups” are generated for the customer to review. These will be developed using collaborative tools so that the entire team can participate in the development process.

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    Develop to Specification

    Your solution could have a specific feature set driven by well formed data requirements UI behavior. We architect our development process around a clear needs-based specification of those data products and a series of tests that completely exercises that specification.


Just a few of the team that makes up Brainfood.

What is Brainfood

ean schuessler

Our team is lead by Brainfood’s Chief Technology Officer, Ean Schuessler. Brainfood brings an extensive background in developing commercial solutions based on Open Source software. Founded in 1991, Brainfood has provided solutions for a wide variety of industries including: hospitality, quick service restaurant, entertainment, telecommunications, healthcare, technology, research and non-profit. He is a long-time participant in the Debian project and collaborated in the creation of the Debian Social Contract which inspired the Open Source Definition. Ean also served as President of Software in the Public Interest, an umbrella organization that holds property and provides other services for Debian and other Free Software organizations.

Ean has been a critical participant in the Free Java movement from the very beginning. Brainfood released its first commercial Java-based website on Acme.Serve in 1997, before Sun’s Jeeves server hit the market. Ean was also an early maintainer of the Debian Kaffe package and is active in the Apache OFBiz effort to create a Free Software ERP system. He has delivered talks on OFBiz for a variety of audiences including the first major public talk at JavaOne (with David Jones), Apachecon, Portland’s OSCON and Brasilian audiences at the Forum International Software Livre, an event sponsored by the Brazilian government.

Ean also works with Open Source for America, serving as the Chairman of the technical committee and is an official Debian developer.

What is Brainfood

erik schuessler

Erik Alexander Schuessler is an award-winning developer and producer with over 25 years of experience conceptualizing, designing and creating unique and functional projects for clients great and small.

Erik and his brother Ean own Brainfood and have received countless awards and recognition for their work in technological design and development. Brainfood has had the fortune of developing and facilitating ideas for clients great and small, notably Erik and Ean helped develop the original business concept for Since then Brainfood has worked with companies such as Tricon, Sierra, Samsung, Microsoft, KFC, Ryder, Pizza Hut, Frito Lay and TGI Friday’s to make their ideas a reality.

Originally from Kansas City Erik came to Dallas to continue his high school education from the prestigious Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. He was ranked second in the United States for visual art from the Arts Recognition and Talent Search put on by the National Endowment for the Arts and one of the top awarded students at graduation. Erik started his first computer based business during his time in high school doing design on freelance projects for local designers and agencies. After graduating Erik was given a scholarship from Southern Methodist University graduating with a B.F.A. in fine arts with a focus on Painting, Design and Sculpture.

Erik’s intuitive nature and understanding and experience with developing large ideas is something he is well skilled at. He has shown repeatedly that he can build strong effective solutions from concepting ideas to developing process to the finished user interface design and brand development. In his spare time he enjoys working on art, writing and producing shorts and interactive productions with a great level of success.

Erik currently devotes some of his time to supporting his alma mater providing assistance for alumni events and mixers to benefit the school, which he thoroughly enjoys.