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20 November

Design, Programming
About This Project

Brainfood worked with Private iDNA to develop an online STD testing full panel at-home kit. Private iDNA was a major advance in getting people tested. Early testing is key to prevent the spread of infection, which can unknowingly change someone’s life forever. Private iDNA was founded on a desire to respect personal privacy, with the goal of increasing STD screening rates in our communities. We are committed to upholding and securing individual privacy to ensure trust, prevent privacy harms, and comply with both the letter and spirit of privacy laws. Private iDNA will never share your personal information with third parties. Within our secure, HIPAA-compliant testing and reporting process, you are identified solely by a randomly-assigned number. Any information submitted to Private iDNA online STD testing gives the ability to login to check your results. You may delete your account information at any time.