Safety Place

How it came together.

The Dallas Firefighter Museum was looking for an idea to attract viewers with an interactive kiosk that provides information about proper household safety tips and plans in a fun way. Brainfood took it from there.  Demonstration presenters are able to control all of the demonstration through any set up smartphone as a controller that is tied to the kiosk.

Quality Content

We worked closely with DFD staff to come up with a unique 3d character Safety Squirt that would help guide museum goers through the safety curriculum. The character was based off a turn of the century fire engine named “Ol’ Tigue”. That tied the new learning into a piece of Dallas history.

Creating Safety House

Each room in Safety House points out common hazards and how to prevent them with simple safety measures. Each room was hand built and meticulously detailed to create a movie like experience. Each hazard was fully animated creating an attractive and engaging learning system. We developed concept boards for each room of the house for approval to begin 3d development. Once approved 3d rooms were developed based on the concept boards. Then lighting and textures were added to create a finished look and feel.

Great Results

The project is now on display at the Dallas Firefighter Museum in Dallas. Adults and children get to watch the fun and educational antics of Safety Squirt as he teaches fire safety. The format is so popular the training is being looked at by other fire departments to help educate and inform other areas of the country.